"I want to reduce my body fat. I have eaten less fat, and have kept lean meat, rice, bread, vegetable in my diet, but the ultimate body fat ratio has just remained the same. Why?"

"My colleague has lost 15 pounds by jogging every evening over the past three months. I did the same exercise. However, there is no significant loss of weight. Why?"

"I easily got drunk with just a little intake of alcohol, while my friends don't. Why? "

The answer for above questions:
It is your genes that make you react differently to diets and exercises!
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Health & Wellness Genetic Test

With just an easy step  from you - collecting your cheek swabs, we carry out the genetic test in our assigned laboratories. A personalized health & wellness genetic test will be generated. Registered dietitian will explain the report with constructive recommendations for you.
Develop your NEW lifestyle with personal genetic information.
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